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HERO - ERA | London - Lisboa | 2024

Once again enthusiasts, fans and members of the motoring world and classic cars gathered in London to participate in the event that takes place once every two years, the London to Lisbon Rally. This 10-day and 2000 mile challenge is back for 2024, this time making its way down from South of London through four different countries located in the Atlantic coastline to reach their final destination, the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, where they had an honoring and awards presentation in Estoril, Cascais. On their way down, the racers made overnight stops in cities such as Bordeaux, San Sebastian, Salamanca, and the Douro Valley famous for its vineyards and wine, kicking off the race early at 9.00am and further making stops in numerous aerodromes to attend meals and complete tasks given by the organizers, later to finish the day and the race by 5.00pm, in the next overnight hall. During these halts, fans and supporters of the rally got the chance to get close to the competing cars and talk with their owners. London to Lisbon Rally, an event organized by HERO-ERA, offers enthusiasts with passion for all that is classic to take part in this spring-time event stretching across Europe's most scenic roads, landscapes and views, taking racers though most of these beautiful regions away from the vastly approaching tourist season. - Fellow spectator and reporter, Veronika Stuncena.

Photos taken from the final day of the Rally, the 220km trip from Alcobaça to Lisboa.

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