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Cerne Surf Brothers

We are two brothers with a dream of becoming great surfers....Initially having no clue of how to surf, we went for advice to our dad, who said: "Surf is not a sport".

But we proved him wrong and now he surfs too!

Through our videos we hope to inspire others, explore alternative ways of living and to spread ocean awareness. We love the ocean!

We document our life as we travel the world to surf perfect waves, as a memory for us and to share the stoke with out friends.

We share our experiences, the training tips we learn, because they may be useful to other surfers, but also to get feedback and ideas on how we can improve. We are exploring and experimenting.

And we love music, so will post some of that too. Fun Fact: In every country we lived people pronounce our surname so differently, we are not even sure if there is a correct way, so don't worry about that!

Happy Surfing

Samuel and Noah Cerne

Follow our journey on Instagram: @samuel_cerne and @noah_cerne


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