Uz krūtīm balts vai melns atstarojošs uzraksts #Latvietis (Unisex) #JAUNIEŠIEM
Uz piedurknes melns atstarojošs uzraksts #Latvietis


Color: black.

Inscription: white reflective or black reflective.

Material: 95% high quality cotton, 5% elastane.

Fabric made at QUALITEX factory.

Qualitex is certified by IMO Switzerland for dyeing 100% organic cotton knitted fabrics under Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).


Latvietis & Latviete - design and quality

Logo design - Ritums Ivanovs

#StreetWearFashion #Latvietis

Latvietis | Hūdijs | JAUNIEŠIEM

  • Krūšu platums, cm (no paduses līdz padusei) - M/50, L/53, XL/57, XXL/61

    Muguras garums, cm - M/70, L/70, XL/70, XXL/74


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